Fate Never Fade

God never hesitate to throw its dice.

Can the web of mind find the ultimate truth before streams cease flowing? (Source image from the European Space Agency via Wikimedia Commons, featuring stream erosion along the Nile river)

In the lace of cosmic haze,
Puffing dark clouds dominate.

Except in one place…

Water falls from the sky
Not because a deity cries
But because of restless life.

Stream finds the path of least resistance, 
Forks and then ripples
Where water travels, dirt breeds meadows
Sharing zest with shy and noisy fellows.

Fate won’t shy away,
Just because water evaporates
Mosses always pave over the muggy shade,
Just as lianas weave through the jungle menagerie.

If the star shines a way,
Life will find a way.

But on a tortuous voyage…

Mind seeks the path of quickest gratification,
Chuckle and then crippled
Where mind rambles, fleeting dopamine follows,
Severing logos, pathos and morals.

Fate won’t shy away,
Just because mortal bodies may
Where sapiens long for another hedonic day,
Gaian harmony decays and deteriorates…

Life is an entangled eddy
Though we won’t come out alive, 
we shall see through truths from lies.

If only just in time…

The meandering mazes will converge one day,
Before the galloping dice fixes our fate.

© Marmotian 2022

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