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These writings take an unbelievably huge amount of time from conception, drafting , peer-review, to finish, I would be grateful if you can support me by 1. Bookmark or subscibe; 2. Share my work to more people; 3. Donate to show appreciation and keep the site free of ad and affiliate marketing: Paypal user can go here, others can go here.

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I am excited for you to join me as a teammate (e.g., if you are good at creative writing, graphic illustration, debate, poetry etc.). Note that it is not a full-time job, please consider this as an early phase of a passion project and contact me if you truly share my passion. It is also possible to commission me to write a certain topic (no pre-conceived stance), please communicate with me directly via email. For other collaboration inquiries and for inquiries to republish my articles, please also email me (I took down the direct message form since it pre-filters some messages and never reach my email, I apologize if I never respond).


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