About Marmotian

Hi earthlings, I am an inquisitive observer of the Earth. My favorite place is my burrow and my favorite hobby is exercising my fingers, in order to dig deeper. 😊

Through my work, I want to:

1. Bring back the significance of story-telling, imagination and thought experiment;

2. Rigorously integrate diverse, abstract knowledge from philosophy to natural sciences to create new knowledge;

3. Through 1 and 2, I hope to shed light on the most relevant and pressing issues of Mother Earth and ourselves.

Topics include everything deep: about realities, the nature of nature, human nature, root causes.

I do not claim to know all the truths, but I firmly believe that a major bottleneck of knowledge creation nowadays is a true synthesis of information, not merely a meta-analysis or collecting ever more data. We do not need re-packaged information that we have already known, we need something more and deeper. I also believe that having a deep awareness and understanding are what truly motivate and liberate people, and so I will do my best to make my work easily comprehensible (sorry to advanced scholars as I will inevitably cover some basic concepts). I also apologize in advance that there is no way for me to get around citing some pay-walled articles. Nonetheless, enjoy Marmotian

P.S. Due to the importance of the messages I want to share, I need to reach a wide audience base, therefore, I have decided to co-blog on Medium. Also, it serves as a simple backup of my blog, in case a wordpress newbie like me mess up somewhere unknowingly.

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I am always looking forward to like-minded people joining me, click the button below to contact me.