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Read them slowly...


A place where diverse ideas meet, being confronted with evidence and imagined in a different light. For the imaginative mind.


A place where rigorous exchange of contrasting views are conducted. For the inquisitive mind.

Poetry and shorts

A place where language and rhetorics are used to model abstract ideas and emotions. For the creative mind.

“The magical thing about knowledge is that - remembering and passing on a piece of knowledge becomes more and more effortless when more people are touched by it. Real knowledge does not wear down easily, it is timeless compared to material objects.”



Hi earthlings, I am an inquisitive observer of the Earth. My favorite place is my burrow and my favorite hobby is exercising my fingers, in order to dig deeper 😊.

This blog is a journey of me digging through the unpleasant, unfamilar and unknown. You are advised to wear a headlight while going down the dark marmot hole with me.

read slow

We are all conditioned more or less by the modern world to think fast and act faster. The most cost-effective way to ace a closed-book exam is to cram all information into your short-term memory just a few days prior. The most time-efficient way to entertain yourself is to scroll through social media and see whatever catches your eyes in the split second. Who would want to spend weeks reading an old, chunky book, who would want to read that long article except for its title?