The Terra Pecking Order

The soil watches all civilizations 
rise and fall.
Despite the founding fathers chanting the
rule of law.

Dynastic succession
Pushing innocent lives into 
the jaws and…prisons.

Constant falsity 
Mass brutality
Man-made calamity
The victors always try to
burn’em all into lost history!

soil has a good memory.
It takes not cheesy nor trickery
Romans, Mayans, Easter Island,
the soil eat’em raw and yummy!

Now sapiens,
from inequality 
to planned obsolescence,
the solution to every problem is
to build a wall (war) and…worship Peterson?

Severing humans and Mother Nature
equates Netherworld’s call
Is it blasphemous to say we are 
mere dirt, after all?

© Marmotian 2022

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Check out a more scientific illustration of the “Terra Pecking Order” below: